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Bella Lee

Bella LeeBroker

  • Mobile:416.939.3003
  • Office:416.929.4343

Over 15 years strong in real estate experience and achieving the number one ranking in GTA, Bella Lee Group has helped their clients reach full potentials for their properties. Client's needs are put at first, ensuring that your purchase or sale of real estate is a perfect fit, not only today, but for the years to come. Bella Lee and her team are committed in providing premium client services with focused marketing and huge global referral network.

Clients feel positive and happy about the choice they've made in partnering with Bella Lee Group.

Team Members

Amir Eshtiaghi

Amir EshtiaghiBroker

  • Mobile:647.774.5507
  • Office:416.929.4343

Ben Xia

Ben XiaBroker

  • Mobile:
  • Office:416.929.4343

Chris Park

Chris ParkSales Representative

  • Mobile:
  • Office:416.929.4343

Manda Lakdashti

Manda LakdashtiSales Representative

  • Mobile:416.917.9793
  • Office:416.929.4343

Andy Vartanian

Andy VartanianSales Representative

  • Mobile:647.408.8135
  • Office:416.929.4343

Winston Xu

Winston XuSales Representative

  • Mobile:647.865.8221
  • Office:416.929.4343

Saeid Shabani

Saeid ShabaniSales Representative

  • Mobile:416-822-0935
  • Office:416.929.4343

Babak Zarghami

Babak ZarghamiSales Representative

  • Mobile:416-836-3599
  • Office:416.929.4343

Ken Chen

Ken ChenSales Representative

  • Mobile:647-888-2825
  • Office:416.929.4343

Adam Sajadian

Adam SajadianSales Representative

  • Mobile:416- 995-0851
  • Office:416.929.4343

Jessie Zhang

Jessie ZhangSales Representative

  • Mobile:416-820-9246
  • Office:416.929.4343

Maya Mohammadi

Maya MohammadiSales Representative

  • Mobile:416-797-0666
  • Office:416.929.4343

Kevin Niroomand

Kevin NiroomandSales Representative

  • Mobile:416.832.5001
  • Office:416.929.4343

Sara Bargrizan

Sara BargrizanSales Representative

  • Mobile:416-890-6979
  • Office:416.929.4343

Nicole Lin

Nicole LinMarketing Director

  • Mobile:647-990-6726
  • Office:416.929.4343


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